Mission Statement

Our mission has always been to treat our customers, suppliers, and employees with respect, honesty, and fairness while providing products of value that allow all parties to excel. Headquartered in O’Fallon, Missouri, with a sales office in Camp Verde, Texas, Hug Industries services steel makers throughout America supplying quality products sourced from the best manufacturers around the globe.

Company History


↳ Allan E. Hug begins his career at Walsh Refractories


↳ Harold Oswald purchases Alsey Refractories, changes name to Oswald Refractories.


↳ Harold Oswald (who had hired Allan Hug at Walsh), asks Allan to join his company to help penetrate a growing market.


↳ Harold Oswald dies, Allan Hug becomes President.


↳ At 54 years of age, Allan Hug opens his own manufacturer’s rep firm: ALHUG Refractories.

↳ Allan Hug hires son Douglas Hug as a college-intern. Oswald’s wife sells the the Company to the Goltermann’s who change the name to St. Louis Refractories Company.


↳ Allan Hug passes away. Douglas Hug assumes role as President of ALHUG Refractories.


↳ ALHUG begins to expand product line beyond refractories to include alloys, electrodes, cored wire, nozzle sands, fluxes, carbon, and more.


↳ Douglas changes the company name to Hug Industries Inc. to properly reflect the organization as a multi-faceted industry supplier.


↳ Douglas is joined by oldest son Allan who expands operations throughout the mid-south, establishes satellite offices in Memphis, TN.


↳ Youngest son Brad Hug joins the company. Hug Industries expands north to Chicago, IL.


↳ Hug Industries opens new office outside of San Antonio, TX.

Present Day…

↳ Hug Industries serves as a leading supplier of high-temperature consumables to steel makers across the United States.